How We Work

Theorize & Hypotesize

Every starts with a ideia , following process is a combination of science, engineering, design and art. The goal of this phase it's represent a concept.

Design &Prototype

The successive phase is to move from concept to design.Once the project is ready, it goes to the prototyping stage. This phase requires building several prototypes until you reach the final model.

Test & Improve

With the final prototype ready, it is possible to pass the test phase and improvements.

Scale-up & Effectiveness

The last step is to scale the prototype in real size, study the placement of the object to the market.


Riscram™ | Rocket Ignited Supersonic Combustion Ramjet.

Rocket Ignited Supersonic Combustion RAMjet. Propulsion system for hypersonic aircraft with supersonic combustor

TuHup | ACRF - Adaptative Contra Rotating Fan

Development project of a engine with Adaptative Contra-Rotating Fan for aeronautical use. Fan propulsion system where both rotors independently using electric motors and intelligent rotation speed control.

Low Cost Electric Turbine Generator

Development of a turbojet engine for electric power generation using low costs manufacturing processes and materials with 3d print technology.

Space Nautilus

It is a BUS project for microsatellite which involves radiation shielding systems, alternative aerospace matrices and biomimetic structure.

FOBOS - PGS Hypersonic Missile

Prompt Global Strike strategic missile.

Electric aircraft

Conceptual study of electric aircraft with contra rotating fan engine